MagneTherm RC System – Software Control

This system includes dedicated software, allowing PC/Mac Control for automated resonance tuning, real time data display and graphing, control of fields strength and exposure times with an option for dual, single or multi-channel optical sensors for real time temperature sensing.

Product Code: NAN201006 Magnetherm

Accessories for additional applications compatible with this system:

  • In Vivo Water Jacket Option
  • Livecell Exposure Option
  • magneTherm™ External Coil Option
  • Low Frequency Option
  • High Field Strength Option
  • Drug Release/Delivery Option

Footprint/Bench Space required: 160 cm (w) x 60 cm (d)

Power Requirements: Preferably 5 individually switched power sockets, non-switched can also be used as can multi adapters.

Power supply required is single phase only – all power cables will be provided

Magnetherm System Footprint ~ Software controlled version:

System Requirements

Recommended system configuration:

Intel, AMD or processor equivalent to industry standards with 1 GHz or faster

1 GB RAM or more

64 bit only

200 MB free hard disk space

USB port – minimum 3

DVD-ROM drive.

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS