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Innovators in Nano Magnetic Technologies

nanoTherics aim is to provide superior performance magnetic based tools to address global markets and to underpin the research and development of current and future nanoparticle, magnetic particle, cancer therapy, drug delivery, genetic screening and gene therapy programs.

  Induction Nanoparticles and magnetic nanoparticle heating in an AC Magnetic Field.
  What is Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia (MFH)?
  What is Magnet Assisted Transfection?
  More about nanoTherics
  A Guide to Hyperthermia Research


Magnefect Range

The magnefect series of magnet-based transfection devices and magnetic nanoparticles significantly enhance transfection efficiency and cell viability via the unique magnet assisted transfection technology. nanoTherics transfection technologies use magnetic nanoparticles and oscillating magnetic fields to accurately and rapidly transfect biomaterials into cells.  More

  Magnefect Range

Reagents & Consumables

nanoTherics offers five types of ready-to-use magnetic nanoparticle reagents designed for use with the magnefect range of transfection devices. Our unique scientific devices and reagents improve the uptake of biomaterials into cells, a process called transfection.

  magnefect Reagents
  Lipid based transfection reagents
  Magnetic nanoparticles for bioseparation
  Other reagents

Carlton Jones  CEO

Carl has over 27 years of success in the life sciences commercial field. He has direct experience of developing sales and distribution channels across a range of disciplines within the global life sciences sector coupled with significant experience of implementing market penetration strategies for new products and technologies.

His prior position was with Thalesnano where he was responsible as Global Head of Sales for developing business with a disruptively innovative instrumentation and consumables range. Previous roles include a variety of senior positions including Sales Director Europe.

By Carl Jones

New Online Store

Now you can buy all nanoTherics products easily and efficiently from our new online store.

Just click on the online store icon and browse through our range of products from magnefect and magneTherm™ to our extensive collection of reagents