We provide the most flexible, practical and reliable tools to science professionals in the fields of magnetic nanoparticle heating applications, be they calorimetric, in vitro, in vivo, drug delivery or release.


The magneTherm comprehensively addresses the full range of nanoparticle heating studies. Calorimetric, In Vitro and In Vivo applications can all be run on the same core unit without the need for additional specific applicators.

Accessories can be added to the core system at any time to enable additional functionality for In Vitro, In Vivo or Drug Release applications.


The magneTherm system can be configured by the user to their exact requirements. Options are available for Low Frequency, High Field Strength, Internal or External coils, Horizontal or Vertical access, Water jackets, Fibre optics, Drug Release applications, Software control, Real time exposure directly on a microscope and custom coils.


We appreciate the challenges involved in securing research funding and have designed the magneTherm and optional accessories to be as cost effective and flexible as possible. The unit is bench top, uses standard electrical sockets, can be configured for multiple applications without the need for expensive additional applicators.

Why scientists choose magneTherm

The magneTherm is the best-selling, purpose designed system for these applications globally, operating across 5 continents and in over 25 countries world-wide A flexible Design & Engineering Team proven to respond & resolve individual customer challenges, delivering appropriate effective solutions. We have the ability to cover multiple applications with one system, whether your research involves In Vivo, In Vitro, Calorimetry, and Drug release.


One outstanding feature of our magneTherm™ products is their ability to cover multiple applications with one system: In Vivo, In vitro, Calorimetry, and Drug release.

This customisation together with a highly flexible design and dedicated engineering team allows us to respond to and resolve individual customer problems and deliver appropriate solutions.

New Product

The latest addition to the magneTherm family of products, with touch screen technology, easily programmable system and switchable frequencies.

In terms of track record, evidence of the effectiveness of the magneTherm system comes through published articles from high profiles research institutions by many eminent Scientists involved in the following research;

Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia (MFH) In Vivo / In Vitro Research, MFH as clinical method for the treatment of cancer, Magnetic Nanoparticle Calorimetric Experiments, Controlled Drug Release, Biofilm Treatment, Reactors for Nanomaterial Synthesis, Forward Osmosis Desalination and Shape Memory Polymer Research.

The magneTherm™ is now the best-selling, purpose designed unit for this application globally with systems having been sold across 5 continents and in 27 countries to-date.