About nanoTherics

Nanotherics provide products addressing the field of magnetic nanoparticle research and applications. In particular we aim to be the number one supplier of products for nanoparticle heating applications utilizing AC field and solenoid coil principles.

We supply the magneTherm system which has been designed specifically for this purpose, operating at a wide range of frequencies (from 100 kHz to 1MHz) with field strengths up to 20 kA/m (25 mT) all in one system with no hidden extras needed.

Since the heating capacity of magnetic nanoparticles will vary, depending on size, shape and material properties, it is critical to be able to evaluate heating capacity (SAR/SLP/ILP) over as broad a range of frequencies as possible.

The magneTherm has undergone several design iterations and improvements during its lifetime and now represents a technologically adept solution for all magnetic nanoparticle heating applications.

The magneTherm covers all aspects and applications from calorimetry, in vitro, in vivo, drug delivery and release applications in a single, affordable solution – no need for multiple, expensive applicators, just a single system with multiple optional accessories that can expand the application range as required.