Live Cell Exposure Option

Various biomedical applications for AMF mediated nanoparticle heating have emerged over the past decades, such as Magnetic fluid hyperthermia, controlled drug delivery and nanoactuation. Taking this fact into consideration and trying to bridge the gap between pure biologists, physicists, chemists and material scientists – nanoTherics has developed a purpose built device with suitable accessories to suit all of these areas of expertise.
* Patent Pending

The Live Cell AMF exposure system for in vitro time lapse imaging is available for new and older models, which means that all existing magneTherm users can take advantage of this unique setup. The ergonomic design of this enables the user to mount it on any microscope compatible with 6/24/96 tissue culture plates.

It also enables physiological temperature control and a 5% CO2atmosphere, so that the cells can grow uninterrupted for the required time scale.

Frequencies range from 100 kHz to 1 MHz with afield amplitude of up to 20 mT

Product Code: NAN201007 – Live Cell Exposure Option

Achievable Frequencies:

Capacitance (nF)Frequencies (kHz)
*Optional additional frequencies

CO2 input

*600*128.8Recirculating water bath output320 ml / minute
*300*182.2Temperature stability+/- 0.2 °C
200223.1Highest frequency available
951.5 kHz (13.2 mT) *
88336.4Lowest frequency available 128.8 kHz (20 mT) *
22672.8Dimensions127 x 85 x 26 mm
11951.5Tissue culture plate35 mm tissue culture dish