magneSoft Software

PC based magnetic field  applicator control and data logging software

 – controls voltage, field strength, frequency, timing, resonance tuning,

 records data and graphs temperature  in real time.

Calculates SAR/SLP/ILP values.

External Petri Dish option

External Petri Dish Option

37oC temperature controlled via water jacket, 5% CO2 atmosphere.

Suitable for 35/50/55/90/100mm petri dish sizes

includes ZnSe viewing window for IR temperature reading

Can be used for photothermal laser applications.

(Regulators and valves for CO2 not included, CO2 cylinder not included) – accessories regarding cylinder/regulator etc for the Live Cell option will also fit/work with this option

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* Please quote your serial number if enquiry is for an existing magneTherm System.